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i gave it up you special people what day is it again? every young girls bedroom
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I feel i should definitely make an entry tonight/this morning.

I just got back [about 10 minutes ago] and it's 7:24am. We met up at a bar, then I got dragged off to a gay bar [i say dragged, heh, they had to hold me back :g:] Then we were all going to go to the gay club, but i couldn't relax in the bar and all the people around were getting to me, so Alan and Nicky [his gf] said they were going back to there and i tagged alone.

[insert piece of night that i'm ashamed not sure of here]

Everyone ended up back at Alan's and around 3am people started leaving. Then he and Nicky dropped me home.

It was a wicked night out/in! :D

mood: swirrrrrrly
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