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23 June
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I'm Calleigh Jayne Anderson. Or C. J. Anderson. Or just Calleigh.

I should tell you now that I'm a geek/nerd or some sort of hybrid. :p


Due to a few personal problems and friend problems, I've had to make my journal friends only. If you want to add me and me to add you, please just comment and I'm sure there won't be a problem. =)

In the mean time, a little bit of useless information about me.

I'm a 20 year-old girl and I live in the United Kingdom. I'm a student studying a Bsc in Forensic Science [go figure] at the University Of Central Lancashire.

I use actions way too much. :claps: But they're fun!

I'm fairly easy to get along with, I think. My journal contains my rants, rambles, writing, thoughts, comments, well, everything really.

I will often talk to myself in my journal, it's perfectly normal no matter what people say. I am not crazy, just slightly weird because that's fun.

I'm older than i feel, but younger than i'd like to be. If that makes sense.

I adore CSI. I'm a complete spoiler-whore and I'd sell my body for a good spoiler. I think Jorja Fox and Marg Helgenberger are very sexy. Yes, I like girls.

I mod the following communities;
- calleigh_sara [with freya86;
- meganandcal [with freya86;
- csi_femslash;
- calleigh_cath.

And that's enough about me.

~An eye for an eye makes the world blind. - Ghandi
~Self-respect's a bitch. - Maggie Doyle - ER.
~I’m not trying to be nicer than other people. …I’m human and I’m fallible and I fuck up a lot. - Amber Benson
~pucks, bucks and... chicks. - Catherine Willows - CSI
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